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Born from a passion for excellent beer

New Zealand breweries brew some of the best beer in the world.  But many beer-drinkers don’t know which craft beers will taste best.  We do.  Craft Box Direct brings together some of the best independent craft brewers into one carefully curated range of well-made, balanced, drinkable craft beers. In each box we will also include one or two more challenging beers to open your horizons!


How we do what we do

Experience is key.

John and Andrew are both BJCP beer judges, home-brewers and passionate craft beer enthusiasts.  Together we work with award-winning independent NZ Craft Breweries, then we judge to select their best beers. We pre-sell it online to you the month before. The breweries brew and we pack and deliver only fresh beer to you – no storage in shops where it ages and oxidises.  We bring better, fresher beer direct from the brewery to your home.  

Beer-drinkers’ craft beer

Our criteria for selecting the beers is simple. Is it a really good beer?  Do I want another one?  But of course, it is not that simple. We select beers from the best independent breweries. Beers are judged by three BJCP-accredited beer judges to our specific criteria:  Well-made, balanced and drinkable beer. We have rejected more than we have chosen.  Each box is a different mix of popular but interesting styles.  We want to make sure the beers are medal-standard, so you will love them too, and keep coming back for more.

Beer is like bread – better fresh

Beer tastes better fresh, direct from the brewery. Most beer you buy is sitting around for months before it reaches the shelf because they use old-school supply and distribution channels. Not with Craft Box Direct.  After we have received your order we pass it on to the breweries, they brew to order, we pack and send it straight to your home. 



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