Good George – Doris Plum Cider 946ml Squealer x 8

$112.00 $106.95


Good George – Doris Plum Cider 946ml Squealer x 8

$112.00 $106.95


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4.5% ABV

All the goodness of an apple cider married up with locally sourced Hawkes Bay Doris Plums. Hints of plum & fruit, with sweet and tart taste, makes this one dangerously refreshing.

Doris Plum Cider looks a seductive magenta, and has aromas of plum, apple, and grape. On the palate it’s sweet, tart, and very refreshing.

This cider is also gluten free!


Bronze: 2019 Brewers Guild Awards
Trophy: 2018 Brewers Guild Awards
Silver: 2018 New World Beer & Cider Awards

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Good George came to life after a bunch of friends got together and decided, after years in hospitality and brewing, it was time to create their own craft beer brand. Their main motivation was to show people what great beer can be, convert drinkers from the norm and show them how to enjoy fantastic beer.

Good George: New Zealand-owned, world-class beer and cider, fresh and original, and proudly brewed in Hamilton.

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8x 946ml Squealers