Urbanaut – Miami Brut Lager 4 x 8 Pack – 4 x (8 x 250ml Cans)


Urbanaut – Miami Brut Lager 4 x 8 Pack – 4 x (8 x 250ml Cans)


Miami Brut Lager 4 x 8 Pack  – 4 x (8 x 250ml Cans) ABV 5.3%

What’s radder than an 8-pack of Miami Brut Lager? FOUR 8-packs of Miami Brut Lager – enough to share with the whole neighbourhood!

Pocket-sized and cute as hell, MIAMI BRUT LAGER is an endless vacation packed into 250mls. Tropical summer notes walk hand-in-hand with a crisp refreshing flavour that will keep you dancing on the shore from dusk till dawn. Serve chilled, wearing loud colours – speedboat optional.

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Urbanaut beer is brewed in the heart of Kingsland, Auckland. We have a small  and extremely rad team dedicated to creating delicious fresh beer, from our core range of favourites to an always changing roster of specials and seasonals!

Urbanaut beer is made for the worldly explorer. The one who finds comfort in unfamiliar surroundings, thrives off a foreign atmosphere and uses diverse urban environments to shape their perspective as a global citizen.

Urbanaut beers are designed to celebrate the cities that inspired their creation. Whether you know the destination well, or yearn to explore it someday, every sip will give you a taste of the culture no matter where you are in the world.


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5x 440ml & 7x330ml cans


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