Brothers Beer – Mixed Hazy – 24 x 330ml cans


Brothers Beer – Mixed Hazy – 24 x 330ml cans


Our Mixed Hazy pack features three of our core range hazy beers. Perfect for those who like a bit of variety, or for those who can’t make up their mind.

Hazesteria • Hazy Pale Ale • 4.6%

“Hazesteria is what they’ve called it” said a bearded beer geek.

The crowd grew.

“My friend’s friend works with a guy that knows the brewer” said a girl wearing Docs “and he says they used loads of Citra, Mosiac AND Motueka!”

Green Haze • Hazy Pale Ale • 5.3%

Get a hazy riff on with Green Haze. Single hopped with Motueka, golden in colour and deeply opaque. Citrus and pine notes, with a juicy, full-bodied finish, and only available in our Mixed Hazy pack!

Mantecore • Hazy White IPA • 5.8%

Mantecore is our hazy white IPA. Starting with a base of lager malt and wheat, we add loads of our favourite hops, with Nelson Sauvin predominant. Smooth with complex fruit flavours… and a little bite!

24 x 330ml cans

4.6% – 5.8% ABV

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In the same way that many friendships begin, Andy and Ant first met over a beer. Some time much further down the track they talked about starting a business together. This discussion almost certainly occurred over a beer. Doing what? The answer was right in front of them.

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