Brothers Beer – Cloudbreak Mountain IPA 12 x 440ml


Brothers Beer – Cloudbreak Mountain IPA 12 x 440ml


Cloud Break
Hazy Mountain IPA

You ford a river running high, scramble up scree, rock hop and bush bash.
As the altitude climbs, the visibility drops.
You climb steeper, higher.

You reach the peak – tired, dirty, scratched and bruised.
Just then… the cloud breaks and
the world unfolds beneath your feet.
Never happier. On top of the world.
Enjoy the view.

Cloud Break Mountain IPA brings together the best of our two favourite beer styles, combining the sharp bitterness and hop bite of a WCIPA and the hazy tropical fruit punch of an ECIPA.
Best consumed at high altitude, this is a beer for mountaineers, adventurers and all other compulsive overachievers.

ABV: 6.2%

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In the same way that many friendships begin, Andy and Ant first met over a beer. Some time much further down the track they talked about starting a business together. This discussion almost certainly occurred over a beer. Doing what? The answer was right in front of them.

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