October 2019 Craft Beer Box

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For us, it’s all about the beers in the box – we have done the hard work so you don’t have to.  We travelled to some of the best independent craft breweries across New Zealand, judged and selected a fantastic range of 12 beers for your first Craft Box Direct.
NOTE:  Beers are brewed to order – expected delivery dates are 1st November for NZ, and monthly after that (when purchasing a subscription).

This month we have one tasty Lager, three Pilsners, an XPA, three Pale Ales and four IPA’s.  We think you will love this selection of well-made, approachable yet interesting craft beers.  Subscribe and we will do this again for you, 12 interesting beers each and every month!

Laughing Bones Bone Dry Brut XPA 500ml
Duncan s Brewing Yum Yum Yuzu Lager 330ml
Duncan s Brewing Juniper IPA 330ml
Townshend Aotearoa NZ Pale Ale 500ml
Bach Brewing Kingtide Pacific IPA 440ml
Kereru Brewing Co. Resonator IPA 500ml
Hallertau No. 6 Session IPA 330ml
Sawmill eXtra Pale Ale 330ml
Sunshine Pilsner 330ml
Eagle Dry Hopped Pilsner 330ml
Sawmill Pilsner 330ml
Sunshine Pale Ale 330ml

These wonderful beers have been handcrafted using the best natural ingredients.  Craft Box Direct brings together some of the best independent craft brewers into one carefully curated selection of flavourful, yet very drinkable craft beers.  Not weirdy-beardy concoctions, but a real beer-drinkers Box with beers you will want to buy again.  We reckon you will probably discover your new favourite beers – we certainly have!

Style taste guidelines:  On a scale of lighter and more subtly flavoured, to bigger, tasty beers the style would ranke like this:   LIGHT:——Lager—–Pilsner—–XPA—–Pale Ale—–IPA——:BIG.    If you are drinking more than one beer, you would start on the lighter styles and move towards the bigger styles.

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