Work Drinks Subscription – 3 to 12 boxes per month

From $204.00 / month

Work Drinks Subscription – 3 to 12 boxes per month

From $204.00 / month

Be the super-star at your work by turning the drinks fridge into a craft beer bar, with the best beers available that cover all categories of beer lover – no more green-bottle boring!  We do all the hard work for you by choosing the best selection of great New Zealand craft beers, and save you the hassle of buying drinks every week.  The work drinks package suits any sized business – just pick the number of mixed 12-packs you want delivered fresh to your drinks fridge each month (see guide below). Each box is different & judged for quality and drinkability, and with our Tasting Guide booklet in each box, your favourite craft beer-lover can conduct their own craft beer tasting events!  On your single account, you can also top-up the fridge with the favourite beer from our online beer shop (with over 180 craft beers) – delivered fresh in 2-4 days direct from the breweries.  For GST invoice options email us at [email protected]

Delivery 18-24th of the month following purchase, and every month after that.  Pause any time.



Each month our box contains a new selection of 12 x 330ml to 500ml beers from different NZ craft breweries.  Each box is judged for drinkability with a mix of different but accessible, and very enjoyable styles including great, easy-drinking IPA’s, APA’s, pale ales, pilsners, and the occasional different style.  For example, if you choose 3 cases you receive 3 of each beer and a total of 36 beers.  Each case has 12 different beers selected by our judges each month from 20+ top NZ craft breweries complete with tasting notes booklet delivered fresh to your workplace.

Our judges select the beer each month and pre-sell one month in advance so it so it can be brewed fresh and then delivered the 17-24th of the following month, and monthly after that.
* We do our very best to get this selection packed for you, but some beer may be substituted due to unforeseen issues and to make sure we get the delivery out to you in time

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Weight 7 kg
Select Monthly Pack Size

3 Boxes Per Month – 36 beers, 2-4 people, 6 Boxes Per Month – 72 beers, 5-9 people, 9 Boxes Per Month – 108 beers, 10-14 people, 12 Boxes Per Month – 144 beers, 15-18 people


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