Sunshine Brewing – Fathers Day – AIBA Beer Awards Pack

$89.00 $69.95


Sunshine Brewing – Fathers Day – AIBA Beer Awards Pack

$89.00 $69.95


Tread Dad with all award winners!
$69.95 delivered*!
To continue the celebration our recent success at the Australian International Beer Awards we offer you a mixed pack of our award winning range!

For a limited time get the freshest batch of our best beers delivered straight to your doorstep for $69.95 delivered*!
+4.95 for rural delivery

Delivering now!

7x 440ml & 5x330ml


  1. No Access – East Coast Hazy – GOLD 440ml
  2. Stockies – Hazy IPA – GOLD 330ml
  3. Pines – West Coast IPA – SILVER 440ml
  4. Sunshine – Pale Ale – SILVER 440ml
  5. East Coast Saison – SILVER 440ml
  6. Red bus – Hazy – SILVER 440ml
  7. Watermelon & Lime Sour – SILVER 440ml
  8. Sunshine – India Pale Ale – Bronze 440ml
  9. Gisborne Gold Lager – GOLD 330ml
  10. Sunshine – Pilsner GOLD 330ml 
  11. 2x Mexican Lager GOLD 330ml

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The first beer to see the sun.

Inspired by Gisborne’s notoriously long summers and legendary surf breaks, Sunshine is a boutique brewery from the East Coast that celebrates the important things in life: sun, surf, mates and good beer.

Since 1989, we’ve been brewing top quality beers for top quality people.

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24x 330ml bottles


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