Bach Super IPA Box – Strictly Limited Edition


Bach Super IPA Box – Strictly Limited Edition


HOT Price $69.95 delivered* for a limited time

Strictly Limited  Edition.  Includes 6 x 440ml cans and 6 x 330ml cans.  To be shipped fresh, direct from the brewery within a few days of order.

Includes: (please note original box contained Beyond the Clouds IPA – this is now not available and will be replaced with Bach Brewing’s NEW Fat Trax Hazy IPA  – see below and in image.)

2 x SUPAJUICE Hazy IPA – 6.2% 440ml – Big Juicy Tropical Hop Bomb!

2 x Fat Trax Hazy IPA – 6.2% alc/vol 440ml – Big juicy malts and a fruit bowl of hop characters oozing with tropical fruits and bursting with pineapple

2 x KINGTIDE Pacific IPA – 7.0% 440ml – Bright – Clear Tropical US, Aus and NZ hopped IPA

2 x JUICY AF HAZY Pale Ale – 5.2% 330ml – drink passionfruit, tangerine, papaya, lychee, mango and grapefruit!

2 x DRIFTWOOD Pacific Pale Ale – 5.1% 330ml – Easy-drinking clear fruity pale ale

1 x SHAKA Lager – 4.5% 330ml – crisp, refreshing laid-back Kiwi Lager

1 x WATERMELON Wheathead – 4.8% 330ml – NEW! A fusion of wheat and pilsner malts, crushed watermelon and lime

$69.95 delivered for a limited time
*+4.95 rural delivery 

In stock


Founder owner Craig Cooper leads beer concept design and development at Bach Brewing. Born and Bred in Hawke’s Bay and also lived in Australia,Canada, and Europe, Craig returned to NZ six years ago to pursue his passion for beer and beaches!

Champion Brewer NZ Exhibitor, 2018 New Zealand Beer Awards
Gold Medal, Juicy AF, 2020 New World Beer & Cider Awards
Gold Medal, Driftwood Pacific Pale Ale, 2019 New Zealand Beer Awards
Gold Medal, Billfish APA, 2019 New World Beer & Ciders Awards

Champion Pale Ale, Billfish APA, 2018 New Zealand Beer Awards
Gold Medal, Kingtide Pacific IPA, 2018 New Zealand Beer Awards
Champion International Style Pale Ale, Billfish APA, 2018 Australian International Beer Awards
Gold Medal, American IPA, Kingtide Pacific IPA, 2018 Australian International Beer Awards
Champion Pale Ale – Driftwood Pacific Pale Ale, 2017 New World Beer & Cider Awards
Champion Wheat Ale – Witsunday Blonde IPA, 2017 New World Beer & Cider Awards
Gold Medal – Billfish APA, 2017 Australian International Beer Awards
Champion Barley Wine – Seamaster Imperial Ale, 2017 Australian International Beer Awards
Gold Medal – Tailfin American IPA, 2016 Australian International Beer Awards
Champion US Ale – Duskrider Red IPA, 2015 New Zealand Beer Awards
Trophy Finalist/Gold Medal – Kingtide Pacific IPA, 2015 Australian International Beer Awards
Champion American Amber – Duskrider Red IPA, 2014 New World Beer & Ciders Awards
Gold Medal – Kingtide Pacific IPA, 2015 New Zealand Beer Awards
Gold Medal – Kingtide Pacific IPA, 2014 New World Beer & Cider Awards


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