Bach Brewing – Peach Pucker – Berliner Sour 12 x 440ml

$107.88 $91.95


Bach Brewing – Peach Pucker – Berliner Sour 12 x 440ml

$107.88 $91.95


Peach Pucker – Berliner Sour
Brewed with Rakau hops and macerated Golden Queen Peaches & white tea.

Tart, bursting with juicy peaches, hint of tea.  Deliciously refreshing!

We’ve been on the hops again… recollecting the lazy days on our family farm picking and eating tree ripened juicy peaches. Brewed on a Berliner Weiss style sour beer, we’ve thrown in a trailer load of golden queen peaches, and with a hint of white tea. A little bit tart and plenty peachy. Pucker up people. Peach Pucker

5.2% alc/vol. 12x 440ml cans


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Founder owner Craig Cooper leads beer concept design and development at Bach Brewing. Born and Bred in Hawke’s Bay and also lived in Australia, Canada, and Europe, Craig returned to NZ six years ago to pursue his passion for beer and beaches!

With origins going back to the 2000’s and Limburg Brewery in Hawke’s Bay, Bach Brewing was established in Auckland in 2013 by the Cooper family.  Since then Bach has gathered a trophy cabinet full of awards across beer styles, and in 2019 won top honour as the New Zealand Beer Awards – Champion Brewer Exhibitor.

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12x 440ml cans


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