8 Wired – Semi Conductor XPA 24 x 330ml bottles

$88.00 $74.95


8 Wired – Semi Conductor XPA 24 x 330ml bottles

$88.00 $74.95


Why pay $88.00? Direct price $74.95  (or only $3.12 per bottle!)

4.4% alc/ vol.

Designed to knock your socks off while keeping your feet on the ground. Our XPA delivers maximum flavour, minimum regret. American and NZ hops bring all the flavour you would expect from a much stronger beer but the lower strength keeps things laid-back and refreshing.


  • Silver Medal – BGNZ Awards 2015
  • Silver Medal – BGNZ Awards 2014
  • Bronze Medal – BGNZ Awards 2016
  • Bronze Medal – BGNZ Awards 2013


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We were born during the infancy of the NZ Craft Brewer Revolution when brewers sculpted a unique identity that is rich in kiwi spirit and adventure. Fired on by this brewer break-away, 8 Wired has always stood for innovation and ingenuity. 

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24 x 330ml bottles